seo – Redirecting the Google results pages to the home page

I have on my website some pages of tags that contain specific keywords and that, in fact, appear in Google results.

Those pages bring enough traffic but the bounce rate is very high because they contain very varied results that are not repairable and confusing for users

So let's say that this is the page in the Google result:


So, what I plan to do is redirect in .htaccess all those /LABEL/ pages from the search results to the root domain, with the hope that the bounce rate will be much lower and I will get a better user experience.

By the way, with those pages that I got in the first pages of Google for the keywords, I would hardly qualify if I did it in the most convenient way.

Anyway, could someone give me a hint, how would Google behave in this redirection and practice for the redirected page and the landing page in terms of ranking for a specific keyword?

Would Google leave me on the first page for the specific keyword or would I rank higher, or would I simply lose my positions in the ranking?

How smart is that, and why would not it be smart?

I know I ask a little generic and broad questions, but for this problem I really need some serious opinions.

Thank you very much in advance!