seo – Nginx redirects part of url to another ip

I have a node js application that runs on a VPS, and recently we added a blog to the site, we chose WordPress for the CMS blog, to avoid the configuration of VPS for PHP and WP, ​​we changed the blog to another host with cpanel and different ip. a subdomain Now, for some reason (SEO and etc), we decided to move from the subdomain to the subfolder of the main domain.

So my solution so far is that the main domain is point to VPS ip, and nginx handles all requests, and if the url requested follows the /Blog/* pattern, the nginx redirect request to the second host IP with cpanel where the blog is hosted.

Now I have these questions:

  1. Is this an adequate way to solve this challenge? Is there a better way?

  2. You are redirecting to another ip BAD for SEO? Oh, it's fine?