seo – How can I be overtaken by another site that is objectively worse in all aspects: majestic metrics, Alexa rank, plus poor design?

  • My Web site:
    • 29 trust flow
    • 33 flow of appointments
    • 15 domain authority
    • Authority of 15 pages
    • 370 links back
    • without Alexa ranking
  • The other website:
    • 1 trust flow
    • 5 flow of appointments
    • 3 domain authority
    • 3-page authority
    • 4 million Alexa ranking

Why for the same 3 keywords is the other site in the 5th position and my site is in the 25th position?

So I search for "keyword1 keyword2 keyword3", your domain contains "keyword1-keyword2" and the URL path contains "keyword1", "keyword2" and "keyword3". H1 also contains "keyword1" and "keyword2". The meta description only contains "keyword1" and "keyword2".

The domain of my website does not contain any of those keywords. The URL of the page contains "keyword1" and "keyword2". My meta description contains "keyword1", "keyword2" and "keyword3". The H1 and the H2 contain "keyword1", "keyword2" and "keyword3".

Basically, I do not understand how a website has a higher rating than me + the website is deficient in design and does not even have a favicon. I really do not understand how this is possible
Maybe someone could explain or maybe I do not see something important.