seo – How a website with low statistics on the first page in google

I do not understand something and maybe someone can explain to me,

  • So I have my website with TF 29, CF 33, DA 15, PA 15, Backlinks 370, Alexa rank – nothing
  • And there is another website with TF 1, CF 5, DA 3, PA 3, backlinks 1, Alexa rank – 4mil

But the question is how to get to the same 3 keywords, the other site is in the 5th place and mine in the 25th.

So I search for keyword1 keyword2 keyword 3

Your domain1-keyword2 domain exits and the final url contain keyword1 and keyword2 and keyword3.
H1 contains keyword1 and keyword2.
The meta title contains only keyword1 and keyword2.

The domain of my website does not contain any of those keywords. The url of the page contains Keyword1 and Keyword2.
Meta title contains keyword1 keyword2 and keyword3.
H1 and H2 contain keyword1 keyword2 and keyword3

Basically, I do not understand how a website has a higher rank than me + the website is crap about the design and does not even have a favicon.

So I really do not understand how it is possible …?
Maybe someone could explain or maybe I do not see something important.