SEO: Google's impressions (web and image) go to zero after millions, without any change

Currently, my company is decreasing as Google clicks and impressions were literally reduced to zero for no logical reason: as we are a fashion company, we get most of our traffic from image search, shortly before Christmas This happened (image search graphic):

enter the description of the image here

At the same time, web searches were performed in the same way:

enter the description of the image here

As I am the technology leader, I can guarantee that there were no massive changes in the interface code.

Even weirder:

  • we almost have 100/100 in headlight audits
  • While Google dies, we now get much better clicks from any other search engine. DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and others prevent me from closing the company at this time: /
  • We have optimized the pages for every aspect that Google requests, including webp bugs (with jpg).

Does anyone here have any idea what the hell is going on? There is no support on Google that we can ask, and the statistics are totally useless (since they don't show any information on why, when or how).

I am very grateful for any information! 🙂