seo – Google structured data: which one to add where?

The question is not about "what they are" and "how to implement them technically", but where, on a website, which one should I put?

A website with a typical structure like

  • Homepage (the domain)
  • Blog (list with blog posts)
  • Blog post (blog post)
  • Pages (other pages)
  • Store (homepage of a store)
  • Product (product detail)
  • Contact page

For example, it is clear that the "BlogPosting" type goes with a "Blog post", but what about other generic types such as "Website", "LocalBusiness", "Organization", etc.?

Do they belong to each page of the website? Does each page need or should have the "Website" data and the contact page also has "LocalBusiness" or "Organization" data?

I am a little confused about this question right now.