SEO errors

There are so many common mistakes that are generated when you do SEO for your website. Optimizing your website and your blog is an essential element of your content marketing strategy. SEO methods are constantly evolving due to the developments of the search engines and the changing perspectives of the users. Here we mention some common mistakes for SEO as-

– You can not choose the correct and appropriate keyword according to the business
– Optimizing your content around a keyword
– They do not focus on the relevant content
– More using keyword stuffing
– Be seduced by the temptations of the black hat
– Publication of non-original content
– It is not correct to optimize the speed of the website
– Overload on website by image or content.
– Errors with redirects 301 and 302.
– Skip title tags and meta description
– Missing quality links
– Do not convert into a mobile friendly website
– Do not use the power of the influential in social networks
– Forgotten the usability of Analytics