SEO and Wix sites

Great question, Michael! I've noticed that Wix and Weebly sites perform particularly well -VS- other website creators when it comes to rankings. My opinion is that WordPress is very superior, but not out of the box. To experience the full functionality of WP, you must add add-ons.

For example, with a self-hosted WP site, you will need to configure SSL externally, which has an impact on the classifications. Wix includes this with all the plans.

Perhaps a better example is the loading speed of the page. When it comes to search results, Google gives higher priority to sites that load faster than those that take a long time to load.

My observation has been that ready-to-use Wix sites load faster than most WP sites, which have not been optimized (with tools like WP Super Cache or WP Rocket).

In short, beginners can often upload faster on Wix, simply because many tools are already integrated into the platform. While some of the other builders, such as WordPress, require add-ons and other custom configurations.

This is the reason why I have mainly used Weebly / Wix for local lead generation sites. Whereas, for sites of authority, I'm a type of WordPress.