Selling – themaCreator – creates file publications / uploads images and files to hosts. | NewProxyLists


Thanks to Freddy's courtesy, I'm using ThemaCreator for about a week. I would like to thank you for creating such incredible software.

I've been using wbot for more than 3 years, but now I'm just staying with ThemaCreator. It does almost everything I want and what most warez or porn loaders need, and do not forget it's just the beginning … I think we all know how fantastic Freddy's support is.

One of the most important features is:
– Monitor folder (great combination with JDownloder or RSS for bittorrent clients)
– Ability to create unique publications in the way you want.
– imdb leeching based on file name (finds almost everything correctly … like 98%)
– Different templates
– Can be used as reload software (no FTP, web upload, etc.)
– image / file loader
– ability to establish multiple processes … the better the server, the faster the work

Forget about other bots (which I do not mention here) that do not work properly, the support is bad or they are simply expensive.

Basically, if you are loading (even if you do not upload much) ThemaCreator is the way to go. Do not think about buying just do it and you will not regret it :)

Thank you