[Selling] Banners of advertisements on a website for adults | NewProxyLists

Hello dear friends,

I offer space for banners on our website of porn videos with premium traffic.

The sale is for impressions, please send me a private one for the url and what you want.

You can choose dates, time, device, operating system, country, language, among others.

Traffic maps: last 8 days (December 1 to 22)

Ads ads available on the desktop:

Ad 1 – video above
Ad 2 – below the video
Ad 3 – Related Videos
Ad 4 – Low Comments
Ad 5 – Under related videos.

Ads ads available on mobile:

Ad 1 – Video above
Ad 2 – Under the video
Ad 3 – Under related videos (before the footer)
Pm me and we are going to do business