Selling – 100% auto traffic with the best MEMEs GO VIRAL!! |

Hello from Austria!

Our baby is for sale because i have accepted a new challenge and no time to continue it.

+ well thought out
+ high quality WP Premium Theme with Buddy Press
+ Social connection and high probabilities
+ Over 8 gigabytes of high-quality meme material for Upload

only 980 Eur in BTC

Domain is still valid until 02.2022 and can be renewed

It only went online recently, so no or little traffic.
You only have to start an intelligent social campaign (networked with Youtube and Twitter and Insta)
and you have no problems with copyright matters
95% of memes (or interesting pictures)
are license-free

the template is extremely intelligent and you can display advertising banners in different areas in the backend.
the template can be modified in various ways
and you can really say that it is one of the best that WP currently has to offer.

simple project with little effort because the most important thing has already been done

advertise it
that they offer THE BEST MEMEs

because many pages have different contents
But MEGAMEME is a DATABASE with the absolute best MEMES

Last Theme Update 16 February 21

designed in German and English
for children and adults
But they can also be designed just as they want for adults
in the footer 3 widget bars

it is still in the final phase and is not quite finished yet
therefore we have waited with a social campaign

I don’t want to post any personal data or further information here
if you are interested contact me here
and i share my telegram info with you
there i can send you screenshots and further information

what is still missing are the graphic category banners in the footer or above but overall it is about the idea of generating a lot of viral traffic because of interesting content

you can e.g. create best of memes videos on youtube and connect directly to the site …
watch the traffic on youtube on cat videos for yourself ..

from us you get a lot of gb. new meme material without license problems, i have already tested it myself
these meme compilations are accepted by the youtube algorythms

do not wait to contact me
we spontaneously decided to sell this project
and because there is still a lot of work to be done – therefore cheap

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