Selling – ⚡ Proxy Service for Websites Warez ⚡ |

Hello members, i’m offering a proxy service for warez, anime, porn or hentai websites which don’t want deal with DMCA complaints while being hosted on legal providers like Hetzner or OVH.

What i do is setup one or multiple’s reverse proxies and send the HTTP traffic to your real server ip.

All complaints will be send to my proxy ip’s and never will reach your, using this way i’m providing hosting to big warez sites on hetzner cloud/dedicateds from long time ago, being more cheaper and stable than buying dedicated servers from offshore providers with shit/low specs at 100+ EUR monthly.

Bandwidth usage is UNLIMITED for HTTP(s) traffic and you can add unlimited domains per request, ddos protection is optional
(i recommend use cloudflare anyway)

Payment is AFTER the service is done starting from 5$ USD (depending site(s) traffic), there is NOT SCAM RISK 😀
If you feel satisfied and see everything works, then you pay

-PAYPAL (Buyer cover fee’s)

Please note this service is NOT FOR YOU if you do or have plans to do streaming of audio/video from server directly, example: host .mp4 files on server to stream, or host a juicycodes player script. You can host only websites.

For contact please send Private Message