select – How to get the value of the row and the sum / aggregate in the same row? (SQL Server)

I wonder if I have data like

    scoring name
A 2
B 5
C 7

I would like to have a third row

                    total name score
A 2 14
B 5 14
C 7 14

Ultimately, I want to find & z scores; or percentiles of several row entries in different totals. I'm just not sure if there's a simple way to compare the values ​​of the rows with the added values, except for a subquery like

select, A.score,
from my table A
join the left
(select name, sum (score) of myTable group by name) B
in =

That could work but it seems inefficient to consult the same table twice to know what a calculation is. Is there any simpler way to do it that I'm missing?