security – New file on my mack with odd customer permissions. Have I been hacked?

So today I was looking for something on my MacBook Pro and saw folder called library with the customer permissions.

It seems like it has to permissions, systems (read, write) and everyone no access.

I expanded the permissions so that I could view it. However it seems to have an empty folder inside. the empty folder has the same permissions.

The Folder is located in my iCloud > Documents folder and is called Library and the folder inside of it is also Logs.

Additionally I can see that the file was created two days ago.

Moreover, I have all sharing services turned off on may systems preferences > sharing.

There is no user profile currently under the name of systems in systems preferences > users & groups.

Why do I have a new file with custom permissions. Have I been hacked? Is there something I can check to see if there is something wrong going on?

(also got an email recently saying someone tried to reset a bestbuy password but that my be irrelevant for this)