Search-Compass Webportal: Trying to modernize user interface # 1 (navigation menus) | Promotion Forum

Hi. So, of course, I've been posting these devlogs for a new web portal I'm working on called: & # 39; Search-Compass & # 39 ;.

In one of these devlogs, they informed me about the design of the site and how it looked in the 90s. In what I agreed and starting today, I restarted the whole project to focus on its design. For the first part of the Design, it was the two Navigation Menus. The-Stuff-Dock (GSD) and The Extra-Stuff-Dock (ESD). These are navigation menus that can take you to other parts of the site or to another part of WorldWideWeb.

So let's take a look at what I started working for this Re-design of the user interface of the project:
Mozilla Firefox 22_03_2019 19_23_17.png
There are some notable changes and differences that you can see in this image. Let me highlight them:

  • The background image was removed in favor of a plain, background
  • The General-Stuff-Dock is attached to the top instead of floating
  • The Extra-Stuff-Dock is also attached to the left instead of floating
  • The font has been changed from Times New Roman to Verdana.
  • Objects such as buttons are rounded instead of square.
  • The search bar is at the top instead of at the bottom

Those are just a list of what you can see in the image. Of course, I'm still working to try to modernize the user interface so that it better fits the modern web. I still have other things to add, such as the featured headlines section, photo and video sections and many more. As I said at the beginning of this publication, I had to restart everything just for this redesign. It does not bother me too much, but well, at least I will learn more in the long term.