sd external: the SD card is read only, both Android and TWRP … how can I make it possible to rewrite?

My SD card is being rare.

I'm on TWRP, since a dirty Lineage OS flash (one without cleaning first) blocked my phone. When using the TWRP file manager, or the terminal, it does not matter, moving the files to the same fails. Copy files to it fails. Deleting files from it fails. The formatting fails. mkfs.ext2 of the terminal fails (vseek error). mkfs.fat does not print any error, it may be returning a non-zero exit code, but I can not verify it. I mounted it and dismantled it several times, it does not seem to help.

I have checked it and there is no hardware switch on the SD card for read only. Since it is vfat, I tried fsck.fat in vain. Mount it as rw really did not do anything, everything still fails (after that it was mounted as rw, so it did not change to read-only mode). All that was tested from the terminal.

I'm not sure what's going on. This is a perfectly reasonable SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card, which has worked before. Here is the fsck output (I pressed the backspace key in the first option, sorry for the ^ H):

~ # fsck.fat / dev / lock / mmcblk1p1
fsck.fat 3.0.28 (2015-05-16)
0x41: The dirty bit is set. Fs was not disassembled correctly and some data may be damaged.
1) Remove the dirty bit
2) no action
? 1 ^ H2
The FATs differ but appear to be intact. Use that FAT?
1) First use FAT
2) Use second FAT
? one
Claimed 7 unused clusters (229376 bytes).
To make changes? (y / n): and
/ dev / block / mmcblk1p1: 310 files, 7718/973584 clusters

My particular phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, variant of Verizon. I just entered it and I want to try a clean flash of Lineage OS but I need the ROM on an SD card for that. Either that or I can start a Windows virtual machine to flash a ROM like that.