– domain authority 73

This directory has been online for 21 years. It is not penalized by Google. He did a Google search on the domain name and it was shown in the search results. It is stated on the directory website that the links there are dofollow. As there is no information on the total number of links on the website, I made a calculation based on how many links there are in each category. In total there are 183 links. With this number of links in some way low, this directory may not be the most popular on the Internet, but I think the low number of links makes it easier for the owner of the directory to check that the links do not lead to low quality sites. Such links would reduce the quality of the directory and put it at risk of being penalized.

As there are only paid shipments, this site will not risk being spam by people who use bots to promote their low quality websites. This directory will also not accept all types of links. In the "terms" section there is information about websites that will not be accepted. The list is quite extensive, but at the end of the day it will make sure that the directory is full of links that do not damage the directory. The links that are not allowed are those that appear in the directories that are penalized. Also, when you submit your site, there will be no instant shipment. It will be a 1 hour review. So this directory seems to be edited by humans.

It would be interesting to know if this directory has a system where they check the links from time to time. Just to make sure that the links are not dead or that they lead to low quality sites. This is relevant because some people buy deleted domains with good backlinks with the intention of redirecting them to irrelevant low quality sites.