script – How to automatically type pre-defined text with a simple command on IOS?

On IOS 14.4 or above, is there any way to automate the process of pasting pre-defined text into the currently focused textfield, (even a password textfield)?

In an ideal world, with the text cursor blinking, you could just say, “Hey Siri, type string_5” where string_5 has been predefined as your email address or password, for example… or maybe use some kind of keyboard plug-in.

But you can’t do that at the moment… or can you??

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. The “Paste It” keyboard app.

Result: Doesn’t work / app is seemingy broken. Even if it did work, for some asinine reason, it needs internet access and “the developer can see whatever you type.” No thanks.

  1. The Text Replacement feature of IOS, such that, for example, typing “ezpz” results in “” being entered.

Result: Works well, but this technique won’t work for password fields.

  1. The Shortcuts app.

Result: I cant figure out how to glue all the necessary peices together… or if it’s even possible. I have been able to create other simple shortcuts like sending pre-defined text messages.

  1. Just telling Siri, “type (the stuff I want to type)” or “paste (stuff).”

Result: Either doesn’t work or she thinks I want to send a text message. Siri doesn’t understand “type into the currently focused textfield.”