Screw pumps Admins! Let's steal your money! – Corner of cryptocurrencies.

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Have you ever been scammed by Pumps / P & D / PumpAndDump?
Have you ever lost money with these channel managers?
Did you try bombs but you only lost money?

All pumps are basically scams. The managers who run them buy coins at low prices and sell them to you, normal members at super high prices.
It is almost impossible to earn money in Bombas … but not impossible if you know how;)
The only way to earn money in Bombas is to buy low, as Administrators that execute the Bombs. How do you do it?
With us.

Every day my computer provides signals of stolen bombs. We use custom software, bomb detectors, analysis and insider information to detect bombs that are about to occur.
We know of pumps from other channels BEFORE members. Thanks to that we can buy the coin just after the administrators, or a few moments before the pump starts.
Then we buy the coin and sell it right after the pump starts.

Our system has been tested and has great accuracy (around 9 of the 10 stolen signals are accurate, and we are still working to improve the numbers). We are working with the former owner of PumpChannel and we are all experienced traders in the cryptographic scene. All the software is encoded to the measure and all our techniques are invented by our team. There is no other service like ours.