SCOM Sharepoint Monitoring for SharePoint 2016: How to install and configure a SCOM to monitor a SharePoint 2016 farm

The configuration of the Scom is not different from the previous version of SharePoint.
You need to follow things.

  1. System Center Operations Manager 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 with the full-text search function are required to run the System Center monitoring package for SharePoint 2016.
  2. Have System Center Operations Manager 2012 implemented in at least one administration group.
  3. Have the Operations Manager 2012 agent deploy to all computers that you want to monitor.
  4. Create a "SharePoint Discovery / Monitoring Account" execution account that is associated with a user account that has administrative privileges of the SharePoint 2016 farm and access to the related databases and the application programming interface (API) ).

Once you have correctly installed and configured the SCOM servers, you must install and configure SharePoint 2016 Management Pack from SCOM on SCOM servers.

Read the full detail in this blog: System Center Management Pack for SharePoint Server 2016

You can download the administration package and the installation document from here: System Center Management Pack for SharePoint Server 2016 Read the installation document, include everything that is required.

P.S: We are using SCOM for our 2016 servers and only what our SCOM team did with the existing SCOM servers is to install and configure the New Administration Package.