– How do I get rich Google snippets and structure data to work for my blogger blog?

I do not know much about html but once I received my publication on how to carry out some steps presented with the rich snippet of Google when editing the HTML publication with the markup, but later I got some practical errors from the search console . Missing title and description Not all the details given in are applicable to my publication and I also noticed that the way the code was written does not match the HTML style in the blogger post, but somehow I managed to edit the code to match the HTML post style. The marking was applied to a section of the publication that had a title "how to …", a brief introduction after the title and 4 numbers of steps listed.

I do not know what criteria Google uses to determine which page is presented as an enriched fragment, since since the search console reported the error, the page no longer receives the enriched fragment again, although it is up to the classification on the first page.

I see that many pages appear on Google, even when the content does not contain all the data described in for the category of that publication. I do not know what criteria Google uses to select which page will be displayed.

Example is the page:

Does Google Rich Snippet work for blogger?