Scan: Imagemagick removes dust from scanning based on a dust scan

Dust removal using a dust mask can be done with G & # 39; MIC with the "Inpaint" [Multi-Scale]"filter.The easiest way to use G & # 39; MIC is as a complement to GIMP, Krita or Paint.NET.However, it is available as a command-line utility.

  1. Convert the dust image into a bitmap with pure pixels in red and white (or transparent). (G & # 39; MIC uses pure red as the default mask color).

  2. Use ImageMagick to superimpose the dust map over the original image.

  3. Call G & # 39; MIC with the "Paint [Multi-Scale]"filter. (You'll have to look for the command).

  4. Repeat with each image.