Scalability of free-form RPGs: what tools and groups are there?

My introduction to RPGs was years ago with some friends. We had no idea of ​​releasing skill levels of dice or characters. One person would invent a small stage and others lived and acted inside. The problem is scalability.


Escape from the castle. You are imprisoned and you have to escape. The castle is supposed to be realistic in terms of the Earth and you and everyone else are human without magic. The game continues with movie-like actions (such as hiding behind the door, calling the guard and hitting the head with a gnawed bone).

In general, the idea is for the hero (s) to be a problem solver similar to MacGyver.

For the above to work, it takes a considerable mental agility on the part of the DJ. They can not anticipate all the smart moves that MacG will make. Maybe MacG digs an escape tunnel. Then, the DJ will have to invent the foundations of the castle and how deep they are.

The problem with this is scalability. The mental ability to create large and consistent worlds on the fly to accommodate the movements of the players would be at God's level.

Scalability question

Are there well-established and well-known groups that play this kind of game without rules *, without dice, which relies heavily on the standard physics of the Earth and general knowledge? Who are they? What is the name of such a game? (Edit: since I ask now I know it's called & # 39; free form & # 39;). Is there something online that can join me?

Are there predesigned scenarios that save GM most of the work but allow the necessary flexibility? Who makes them?

Thank you

  • There are only obvious rules of the real world, such as the inability to go through stone walls or jump 20 feet into the air without help.