Saw – Macbook recovery mode does not work

I have a 13 inch retina macbook pro 2015 screen that runs macOS highsieara and there is a problem! when I use the "diskutil list" command, it shows me 2 disks (disk0 and disk1) and, unlike what I have read on the Internet, my recovery volume is on disk1! there is no recovery volume on disk0. and when I try to boot my mac with cmd + R, it shows the Apple logo and the loading bar as if it were a normal boot, but then it freezes in half! the same thing happens when I tried to install macOS mojave (and I've tried it in every way possible!) What should I do? Yesterday I tried to install a security update (from the app store) and I needed to restart the mac! And the same thing happened again !!! and when I restarted it with the / alt option key, there were two drivers like when I tried to install mojave macos. and when I started normally the update was not installed! please help