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Current statistics of the FTP server (25-11-2018)

  • Movies (BluRay and Remux) – 224.6 TB
  • Movies-4K (Only 4K movies) – 21.6 TB
  • Adult (Mix of 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K) – 120.2 TB
  • Anime (Mix of Subbed and Folded) – 24.6 TB
  • TV programs (mix of 720p / 1080p mostly BluRay) – 81.4 TB

The name of most of the previous elements was changed, but I keep the original name in the new elements.

Everything is automated, from the search of new and trending movies and TV to the download and organization and the name change.

The servers are placed with Hetzner in their Finlandia DC
Speed: 1Gbps

Traffic statistics as of today (25-11-2018)


Data bandwidth of 63TB used in the last 5 days

Application system:

You will get a control panel to request new elements. Movies and TV shows if you do not see them on the server.
All requested items will be searched and added to the download queue automatically and if the queue is not too long, you should expect them to be seen on the server in a few minutes.

Price: $ 20 / month PayPal or BTC

More than 1 TB of data is added every day


  • $ 20 / month
  • 1Gbps connection
  • 480TB + Data
  • Automated application system



  • Bandwidth without 1 Gbps connection meter
  • 7200 rpm SAS Hard Drive
  • Separate disk drives for each user for data protection
  • Install applications on request
  • i7 7th Gene processor
  • 32 GB of DDR4 RAM

Pre-installed applications:

  • IDM
  • JDownloader2
  • FileZilla Pro
  • Premium Malwarebytes
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • WinRAR Premium
  • Flood (public torrents not allowed)

You can request any other application if you need it.

Not allowed:

  • Mining tools
  • Spamming or attack
  • Public Turners
  • File storage on the desktop / Downloads / Documents (will be deleted once every 24 hours)
  • Coding


$ 7 / month – 200GB Private disk drive
$ 15 / month – 500GB Private disk drive
$ 25 / month – 1TB Private disk drive

Special Offer (Expires in 24 hours)

$ 50 / month – Dedicated RDP
i7 7th generation
64GB DDR4 Ram
2x 2TB HDD at 7200 rpm or 2x 250 GB SSD
No restrictions (except the use of public torrents)

Payments via PayPal or BTC

Orders are processed manually

Telegram: @ZooNow