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ThemaPoster Software to help you publish in forums and blogs.

What is themaPoster?
ThemaPoster is an automatic poster program that allows you to create new themes / respond to topics in forums and blogs. You can also create a schedule for the publication, publish from .txt files and much more.

Screenshots (Click on image to enlarge):
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More screenshots in: themaPoster – (home)

Website: themaPoster – (home)
To buy: themaPoster – (purchase) (I accept Paypal, Payza (AlertPay), Webmoney, Skrill (MoneyBookers), Bitcoin, Litecoin, Paxum, Perfect Money, OkPay)


  • Answer hundreds of your topics at the same time.
  • Create new threads in forums and blogs.
  • Send emails to any email address.
  • Tons of adjustments to make it work the way you want.
  • Add an unlimited number of themes / templates.
  • Group your themes for an easier organization.
  • Add an unlimited number of forums / blogs.
  • Organize forums by categories and countries.
  • The main types of forum / blog are supported (phpBB, vBulletin, SMF, IP Board, myBB, DLE forum, DLE blog, WordPress, Discuz, X Discuz, xenForo, fluxBB, Icy Phoenix, punBB, miniBB, Burning Board, phpWind, uCoz blog, Blogger [blogspot], Email).
  • Full editor of integrated BBCode.
  • Intelligent system for session initiation and retry.
  • Preview your formatted message before sending it.
  • Schedule your publications. Automatic publication at the chosen time.
  • Incredibly fast. Message sent in seconds.
  • Prefixes and fully compatible icons.
  • See a progression of each post.
  • Random questions and captcha support.
  • Automatic captcha processing (antiGate, bypassCaptcha, deathByCaptcha).
  • DLE publication through the administration control panel.
  • Search engine templates to find all sections of the forum automatically.
  • Automatic detection of type forum and set of characters.
  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Completely documented and how to use explained in details.
  • Easy access to your topics by double clicking.
  • Request custom forums
  • Turn off the computer automatically when all scheduled tasks are completed.
  • All supported languages ​​(including Chinese, Russian, etc.)
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac (through wine).
  • Self-publishing from the directory.
  • Use proxy when publishing.
  • Check if there are dead sites.
  • Save message and publish it as it was later.
  • Easy to use and easy to use.
  • List of publications – save and organize your publications.
  • Hostes prohibited, personalized replacements, special labels to improve publication.
  • Automatic checker of private messages in forums and blogs.
  • Interfaces of multiple languages ​​(Bulgarian, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish).
  • Easy to select desired themes / templates.

Actual Price: $ 30 (software + free updates for life + 1 year of free use).
Current price (second option): $ 35 (for programs + integrated forums).

The first year of use is free. The price after one year is:

  • $ 3 per month or $ 30 per year.
    • Extended for all the programs you use (themaPoster, themaManager, themaLeecher, themaRegister).


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ThemaManager / themaPoster / themaLeecher forums share the same users. If you already have a user in one of them, you can log in with the same user in themaPoster forum.

Please report all problems / bugs related to themaManager in themaPoster forum.

The most recent updates (change log) can be found here: themaPoster – (change log)