Sale – Love Calculator – $ 6 BIN

What is it and what is it for?
This script resolves the probable percentage of love of two names. It's all for novelty purposes, but it's very commercial and provides a bit of fun.

Where would someone use it? How do I market it?

  • IM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace (social networks)
  • Useful for work (so it can be easily sent by email / promotion)
  • Easy to spread word of mouth (Check out this fun site)

What do I get?
– Website script
– domain
– PSD for logo
– Help on how to change elements.

Where can I take this?
The limit is your imagination … this can be a separate entity (very easy to market through social networking sites), or it could be a complement to an existing website / forum, etc.
Everything is very simple and easy to edit / modify.

The site is new, so I guess there are few traffic statistics at the moment: an excellent starter for someone especially with that modern name!

$ 6 BIN

Note: I have hidden this sale of the search engines so as not to affect the rankings.