Sale – DropShip business for sale

We had a great time with this domain, since it has a domain of almost 6 years. Easy to classify, since the last months, we have been using this domain for the direct shipping business of aliexpress. It gives you enough income, everything you need to know to set up an ad campaign on the best Cost-per-Action sites, like Facebook, Google ads, Bing ads, etc.
It comes with a license along with a Chrome add-on to facilitate the list of Aliexpress products. Configuration and integrated woocommerce to facebook, throughout the google merchant account.
From synchronize products to your favorite platform and run ads to get sales.
The ads have a cost per conversion. If you do not get any sales, you are not paying anything to these companies.

Why are we selling this?
We have 49 sites to get rid of since we no longer have time to run. After a great success with direct shipping, we are in manufacturing now. These sites require a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur to have them in their hands.
Do not miss the opportunity, OLD domains, easy to classify and easy to earn money online.
Why are you selling this site?
Drop shipping The best products for sale online

How is it monetized?
Online sale

Does this site come with any social media account?

How long does this site take to work?
Depends on your advertising budget

What challenges are there with the execution of this site?
I need to know facebook and google ads