Russian dating affiliation program

That's not true at all!

First of all, there is no such thing as a "mail-order girlfriend" that Hollywood invented, also Hollywood and the Western media make the dream of the Russian bride go ahead … hahaha

You know what I mean: there is no food in Russia, all men are drunk (as seen in the movies) all cars in Russia are 30 years old LADA (as seen in the movies)
So, understandably, many guys come to the conclusion that they can get to Russia, show their passport and pick up a young beauty queen and, at the same time, rescue from here a
The terrible life of poverty in Russia. LOL. Of course it is not, as you would see the World Cup, life in Russia for many young women is better than their Western counterparts, for this reason the Russian "young" women do not already look for foreign husbands that ended a few years ago! OF COURSE!! Many men just do not understand and is the main reason for scams in the industry, men in their 60/70 will register at a dating site looking for a young girlfriend, usually 20/30 years, there is none for they, the scammers and the fake ones know it, so it's easy prey … when they're scammed, they'll scream how a 25-year-old girl yelled at her that she was swindled.

If you are a NORMAL boy looking for a NORMAL woman (forget beauty queens), you can find a genuine Russian woman for marriage, within a REALISTIC age group.

If your 65 years old are looking for a Russian woman to marry, they should be connected to women 45 and older … and that's where the problems start, most of the 65-year-olds
I just do not want a wife of 45 years !! They want the 25 year old wife they have seen in the HOLLYWOOD MOVIES! Hahaha