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@ronrrico some great requests, my magic ball 8 says that your dreams could come true soon =)

I would also like to see the option to set some custom tags to be used in the RSS feed for hashtags on social networks.

Another problem I see with RSS feeds with websites like DLVR, which they post on social networks from their RSS.

If you use .com / rss / all-products or .com / rss / category-name These sources are not updated much if you do not add tons of products daily. So once the feed is extracted and the products are published, there rarely seems to be new products in my tests.

For this review, I had the developers create a new RSS feed that always shows random elements in the update.

So, if you go to .com / rss / all-random, each time the page is reloaded, it shows new items that will be published on social networks according to its programming.

This is what I currently use as my configuration to share on social networks for any interested person http: //…des/fresh-store-instant-rss-feed-social-media