RPG – How can my new character not be a role hindrance in the party?

Play online with a friend and some of your friends. Some important background to my questions: recently, in the campaign, a member of our party (neutral alignment) (ab) used his position of power among the nobility so that a racist farmer who lived next to MajorCity would be arrested and executed after that the farmer refused to stay at a time of need. To eliminate a lot of stories, one or two weeks later, the party opened a portal about MajorCity flooding the place with demons and evil entities and causing a massive evacuation of the city.

He was not very happy with the actions of the other players, although they argue that his characters had good reasons for all of the above, including not knowing that their actions would open the portal (which is true)

My character at that moment died in a particularly difficult encounter shortly after and the DM made me roll up a new one to be able to join the party in the next city. Between sessions I have made a character that is the farmer's son, who recently became an orphan and is seeking revenge. My idea for this character is that the party can compensate for his actions. I have established several ways in which the party can "redeem" itself and avoid conflict.

BUT at the same time, I do not want to create a role handicap for the party. I have asked some of the members in private and not everyone likes the ideas of my character (in particular one of the members whose actions lead directly to the opening of the portal), but others have expressed great enthusiasm for my new character .
I have been trying to talk with DM about my concerns, but I have not been able to locate it yet. So I thought I would jump here and ask everyone.

How can I avoid being a handicap role-playing game?

(I'm happy to answer any specific questions you may have about my char, the environment or the group)