rom flashing – Help with Nexus 6P bootloop: Couldn’t parse partition size ‘0x’ when trying to flash new image

I need help with my Huawei Nexus 6P.

Because of a bootloop, I was trying to flash a new boot image. I went to the Google download page for factory images and tried using the “flash-all.bat” file. I don’t know how to exactly explain this but, here is the full command prompt line from the flash-all batch file.

Note: It also says my device is corrupt while trying to go into recovery mode.

Writing 'bootloader'                               OKAY (  0.215s)
Finished. Total time: 0.405s
Rebooting into bootloader                          OKAY (  0.108s)
Finished. Total time: 0.113s
Sending 'radio' (48728 KB)                         OKAY (  1.511s)
Writing 'radio'                                    OKAY (  2.174s)
Finished. Total time: 3.741s
Rebooting into bootloader                          OKAY (  0.007s)
Finished. Total time: 0.009s
Bootloader Version...: angler-03.68
Baseband Version.....: angler-03.81
Serial Number........: 84B7N16109000032
extracting android-info.txt (0 MB) to RAM...
Checking 'product'                                 OKAY (  0.018s)
Checking 'version-bootloader'                      OKAY (  0.018s)
Checking 'version-baseband'                        OKAY (  0.018s)
extracting boot.img (12 MB) to disk... took 0.033s
archive does not contain 'boot.sig'
fastboot: error: Couldn't parse partition size '0x'.
Press any key to exit...

I don't know how to fix, please help :(