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Do you need results? Run push ads: RichPush

Advertising via push notifications is a relatively new format, which allows advertisers to display their ads in push web browser notifications or mobile app notifications.

What are the advantages of push ads?

  1. Traffic of people (there are no robots, since it is difficult to imitate the behavior of sending notifications and the format is relatively new)
  2. CPC model with quite low rates (0.04-0.1 CPC). It only pays for clicks, not for real impressions.
  3. High return on investment From his new native format, people agree with him for now. That generates an ROI of up to 114%.
  4. High conversion rate The same, since it is a new ad format.
  5. Cheaper conversions than Facebook and Google. Again, because there is a lot of offer for now and there is not so much competition.
  6. There are no blockers.
  7. Independent format of the content. The pulsations appear during the day, not while the user is searching for something. Therefore, it is not necessary that you write too much for now.