RichPush – HQ Push Notification Ad Network!

RichPush is the high quality push traffic ad network for performance marketing specialists.

Get more conversions with a new advertising format designed to get attention. Attract new users to scale. With more than 4,000 daily impressions, RichPush is one of the largest push notification ad networks in the world:

• PPC: (only pay when a user clicks on your ad)
• High CR (compared to native and pop traffic)
• 100% ad visibility
• 4+ billion daily impressions
• World traffic
• 450 million users
• Minimum CPC: $ 0.003

Use technology that drives performance. With more than 7 years of experience in Ad Tech, we know how to create technology that not only works, but also boosts marketing performance.

• Automatic optimization enabled by AI
• 16 targeting options

Great features of RichPush:

• Target CPA: Take advantage of machine learning algorithms to get as many conversions as possible within your target cost per conversion.
• Micro offers: optimize your campaigns for maximum performance and accuracy. Make bid adjustments for parameters such as OS, location, time, site, etc.
• Automated rules: get more control over your campaigns without wasting more time. Perform optimizations automatically, depending on the conditions you choose.

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