Review of HiVelocity | Web Hosting Talk

HiVelocity Rocks !!

I have been researching to migrate our dedicated Hostgator server to a reliable company since the last 2 years.

I even ran on old and slow servers for a long time just for fear of getting into the hands of a dark host.

I found HiVelocity, I found that their configurations were much better than expected and then I started writing to the support team to test the answer.

I was impressed by the knowledge and assistance of his team.

I launched and migrated our e-commerce websites, and the support I got for this was out of the world.

We had almost 0 downtimes and this was our best migration that I will always remember.

Email and chat support is TERRIFY.

There are some types of support that are better than others to help in some queries, but the team as a whole is amazing to deal with as a company.

We are happy with the performance we have obtained when transferring to HiVelocity and the peace of mind of being with them is priceless.

We are also using your backup service, which is very helpful, although I still need to verify and organize an external installation.

If you are reading this review and want to migrate the host, I assure you that this will be the best decision you will make.

Highly recommended!