restore – Target server is not communicating(polling) with master SQL Server

We set up multi-server administration to create a job on the master which are executed on target servers, and we had this issue because the target server was shut down after the virus attack and we set up a new SQL Server with the same name and restore all data including the master database on the new server, all the job is functioning as it used to be but now the issue happened while I am trying to update them, I can update master SQL Server to change the schedule however the target server is not updating since its stopped polling after the original old server shutdown because of the virus attack,

Currently, the new SQL Server Agent is not showing (tsx)

I tried to force poll but it’s not working.

Also, my trial to update the job at the target server is not possible since it’s not active to even update

Please advise how can I reconnect this master and target server with out losing all jobs.