rest – What is the name of an endpoint to determine if a client should be able to use a service (not authentication, but audience partition)?

I am working to break a monolith in specific web applications. The monolith application is very complex.

The monolith already has a more or less silly router that we can patch to make it smarter.

Our MVP application cannot replace 100% of the functionality of the monolith.

We intend to create a new service in our web application that knows what it can currently handle. The idea is that the router sends the account descriptor, and if a client account has some properties that the MVP would not handle, it indicates that the monolithic router must continue sending this client to the monolith application, otherwise, send it to the new app.

We expect the new application and service to perform all checks to determine suitability. In essence, the service for the new web application would respond: Do you want this request?

Is there a standard / reasonable name for this service / endpoint?