Resolved – Question – Retired administrators and former employees | Promotion Forum

Man, I'm really not trying to look like the old grumpy RA. :P

Anyway, to use the RA example; Each person who has had the rank of administrator for more than one hour (except two) has the rank. I agree that it is a bit silly, but all the members of that group would be in the VC group if they were not in the RA group, so I think the recognition is valid.

The VC group is something totally different. Each member of the VC group did something different to get the rank. People like Sshadow kept the package team pressed for three years (God), while others like Empire published a ton and committed to the community for several years. There is something different that everyone has done to get the rank, and it is something that I do not think that the current staff can evaluate. People like Mr. Money have not been in years, and few people could even tell you what he (or maybe she, I really do not know) did to earn the rank. However, administrators at that time saw their contributions at that time to have a lasting impact on the PF, and as such they were rewarded with rank. I do not think that, unless the member is banned or becomes a toxin for the community, there is something that the staff team can (or should) do to clean it up. It just is not worth the time, I do not think so.