Resolution: Why are there no digital sensors for large-format photographic images that use TFT technology for medical X-ray images?

While the resolution may or may not be sufficient for modern photography, the resolution is not everything, and technology would be a reasonable candidate for large-format photographic image sensors. Why did not that happen until now?

I think you're being too generous with your argument when you say. the resolution is not everything As for large format photography. The main objective of the large format is to capture a high degree of detail (resolution).

Let's say we're talking about a large 8 × 10 camera. With a good movie, you're looking for an equivalent resolution in the 800 MP range, probably even more.

Even though the flat-panel detector (FPD) to which it is linked is 17 × 17, suppose that a smaller detector, 8 × 10, also has 10 megapixels. That 10 MP FPD is yielding an 80: 1 advantage to the movie, or a 9: 1 spatial resolution. To what end? Why go through the trouble of carrying and configuring an ultra low resolution image system, which can only produce results almost equal to those of front Camera (selfie) on the smartphone in your pocket?

In other words, for large format 8 × 10 photographers who already have the camera (s), lenses, etc., what advantage does it have? such a low resolution image system gives them?

Therefore, ignoring other possible considerations, if this technology is representative of the current state of the art (at least at the price point), then the reason why it has not happened so far is simply because the resolution is far Behind what can produce comparable film sizes.