[Remote (GRE) DDoS Protection]✔️BGP + Web Panel + Attack Alarm + Layer 7 Protection / UPTO + 2Tb✅

About us ?

In 2018 February, Digiturunc Company was established in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, with the aim of responding and providing the professional services required by IT industry activists and all webmasters. This company is formed by an association of experts in networks, operating systems and servers, professional designers and programmers.

The policy of Digiturunc Company is to provide professional services with professional configurations together with competitive prices and high privacy. In addition, with respect to the association of Cpanel, Plesk, Cloudlinux, which is the goal of the company, the presentation of all the licenses with ideal price by the companies.

To preserve the quality of the network and the hosting services, the private server and the authorization of all the network equipment and servers used by Digiturunc are owned by the company itself, therefore, the uptime and the quality of the services provided are guaranteed.
Digiturunc with the use of network equipment and 24-hour support answers all your questions and requests.
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What locations and ascending carriers do we have?

We have our own devices and equipment in the following locations in the best data centers:

  • Turkey, istanbul
  • Romania, Bucharest
  • United States, New York
  • United Kingdom, London

We are using the following providers depends on the locations:

  • TurkTelekom
  • Euroweb
  • Voxility
  • XO Communications
  • DE-CIX (Turkey)
  • Net-IX (Turkey)
  • Linx (London)

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Our DDoS protection features

  • Access to the web interface to review the records and change the configuration by ip
  • Notification by email when you receive an attack (SMS Alarm (SOON))
  • The source IP, the destination IP, the source ports, the destination ports will be available in the registers and you will have access to them in the web interface
  • Protection of layer 7
  • API access
  • Protects up to + 2Tbps without any limitation (number of attacks or attack size)
  • Establish BGP session on the GRE tunnel
  • There is no limitation on how many prefixes you want to advertise.
  • Set Tunnel with locker location for your network!
  • Protection of layer 7!
  • Announce any prefix size you want!
  • Protection up to + 2Tbps BPS / + 2500M PPS
  • Layer 2 Connection is available in Istanbul, Bucharest
  • Module WHMCS (to show the records of attacks and alert their clients) (Soon)

Remote DDoS protection price list

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Plan # 1:

Uplink: Clean traffic of 50Mbps / Protection up to + 2Tbps
Price: $ 99
Ask for it NOW!

Plan # 2:

Uplink: 100Mbps clean traffic / up to 2Tbps protection
Price: $ 189
Ask for it NOW!

Plan # 3:

Uplink: Clean traffic of 150Mbps / Protection up to + 2Tbps
Price: $ 269
Ask for it NOW!

Plan # 4:

Uplink: 200Mbps Clean traffic / up to + 2Tbps of protection
Price: $ 339
Ask for it NOW!

For personalized uplink quotation contact us!

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How can you contact us?

  • You can contact us by phone

+90 850 8888002 | +90 850 2555551
* Telephone calls will be answered by our Turkish / English staff

  • You can contact us through LiveChat

Click here to chat with us!

  • You can contact us by Tickets.

Click here to send a ticket!

  • You can arrange a meeting with our team.

To arrange a meeting with our team, send a ticket or call us to schedule a time. Our meetings will be organized in our Turkey branch. You can check the location of our office by clicking here.