Remember when Trump attacked Clinton's aides for taking the 5? Did he say no one gets the fifth unless they're guilty? So, why is Roger Stone …?

Trump condemns some for taking the fifth and praises others for the same. But he supported Cohen and Manafort, both condemned, and even after they turned around.

One day after Roger Stone, friend of President Donald Trump, sang that he would have to lie to "bear false testimony against POTUS," Stone invoked his right to the Fifth Amendment not to incriminate himself when he rejected a request to deliver documents and testimonies to the Senate. Judicial Committee

The famous Trump said during his career to the White House that "the mafia takes the fifth; If you are innocent, why do you accept the Fifth Amendment? "

A day before that, Stone told George Stephanopoulos of ABC: "There is no circumstance in which he testifies against the president … because he would have to give false testimony against him". I would have to invent things and I'm not going to do it, "and added:" I have not had any discussion regarding forgiveness. "