registration: "Register / Join now" instead of "More information / More information"

Does anyone have any ideas about the use of a "Call to Action" (CTA) registration versus a CTA with more information? Here is my thought:

"Register" is ideal in situations where the main client is MORE INFORMED or has the MOST confidence in a product. (As much as possible, anyway). Either the product is well known (it is already popular or the leader has been referred by another person) or the CTA follows a flow in which a leader has been fed with a series of high-value supports.

"More information" is ideal in situations in which a client only has a very limited knowledge of a product, that is, in the case of an advertisement where he only has 20 words or less to promote the interest or curiosity of a client . In this case, "More information" feels less risky for a user who may not be ready to register, so it increases conversions / clicks.

Thoughts? Any research on this?