Reflections on Chrome's plan to distrust Symantec certificates

This has been a theme that has been marking the back of my mind for quite some time.

Amazon uses the Symantec certificate for the product images we show on our site.
And Google is scheduled (April 17, Chrome, update 66) to consider any site that uses Symantec certificates issued before 2016 unsafe.

So, what will really happen when Chrome update 66 starts?
Has Amazon updated its certificates? If so, why do we see the warnings of images-na.ssl-images-amazon in the inspections of our browser?
And what exactly does it mean to "eliminate the trust in certificates issued by Symantec"?
Will our SSL certificates be disabled in Chrome? Site blocked?

I guess Amz has all this covered, right? The Google / Amazon relationship is not one that smells like popery. There is no love lost there …

Any ideas?

Read all the details here …