referrer – & / referral & # 39; appears very often recently. But why?

Recently, I'm experiencing that GA is showing a ton of traffic & / referral & # 39; in 2 independent websites that I manage. Before this amount was close to zero. Both sites began to produce this anomaly only a few days apart. That's why I think that, maybe I modified some configurations for both pages, but I can not understand, but what.

look with your eyes / referrals hits, but why?
Reference path: it seems to be Google search engine uri
City: (not established) Why?
Pages / session: seems different / normal (no bot?)
Session duration: almost 0 (redirect?)

Multiple random hits of the whole day.
Multiple random hits throughout the day (started on March 11)
5-10 hits in one (same) time!

The reference path shows (/ search, / m / search) that these results come from the URI of the Google search engine, is that correct? And why is the city (not established)?
They seem to be human successes due to the different pages / session. BUT the duration of the session is mostly 0. That may seem like redirects. But then where / how?

more information:

  • There are no active 301 redirects set in .htaccess (as addressed by another Question). I checked it in both places.

  • I checked my Google Ads report, the data from & # 39; google / cpc & # 39; are correct and are on par with the GA and G reports

  • Both are WordPress websites, with Yoast SEO + Really Simple SSL active plugins (and many more).

  • Both websites have active Google Ads + campaigns linked to Google Analytics.

  • Both are non-e-commerce sites, just simple wp sites.

Can GA property or display settings or Google Ads settings cause it?
The advertising reporting features are now activated on both sites. Can it be the reason?
Any ideas?
Thank you!