redirect – How to get line number of error that .htaccess apache2 is reporting in /var/logs/error.log

I get a internal server error after adding redirects to .htaccess – I’ve added 600 of them.

I check /var/logs/error.log

(Wed May 12 16:26:02.600394 2021) (core:alert) (pid 8071) (client /var/www/html/volumes/vol1/mysite/deployment_environments/master/code/.htaccess: Redirect takes one, two or three arguments, an optional status, then document to be redirected and destination URL, referer:

(IP addresses and site names changed to dummy values for privacy reasons)

But it doesn’t tell me which line number this error is.

Obviously it has found an error on a line, so should be able to tell me. I have 600 redirects. It would be helpful if it could tell me the line number that the error is on.

I have looked through them and can’t see any issue. This did work previously so I can’t see what the problem is now. I’ve accounted for redirects with spaces by using the escape back slash and this had worked in previous testing.

I’ve already researched this but haven’t yet found an answer: