Reddit administering leak information to people in my workplace

I would not be worried about downvotes
I would worry a lot about how they drugged and kidnapped you, thank God there were tapes!

I would be talking to my parents, my employer, my lawyer, the police and we will not rest until the kidnapping charges have been successfully tried in court.

Expecting volunteer moderators to keep content safe is naive, even if the current batch is good, you never know who will have access within a year.

Your lawyer will have the necessary information to ensure that you do not suffer any penalty for your own behavior, but even if you do, you will have to pay a small price to bring the kidnappers to justice. Make no mistake, if someone drugs you and prevents you from continuing your day, that is a kidnapping.

If he had gone to a doctor immediately, the equivalent of a rape kit could have been made to show that he had been drugged and held against his will.


These guys seem to have more of the background story however


I suppose there is an element of attack to homosexuals, do not mix with people who do not accept you for what you are.