Recovery mode: can my device not be recovered without factory reset? – stopped

Yesterday I took my Xiaomi Mi A2 out of my pocket and saw a warning screen (text only) telling me that the device could not start and, if the problem persisted, I might need to reset the factory settings and erase all my data. I clicked on trying again.

After starting, my device displays an error message: "the process stopped". When I try to unlock the phone, it starts to restart after a few seconds. When I slide down the top toolbar, the device also starts to restart.

I looked for a solution but I did not find a solution that works for me. Some of the suggestions related to a similar problem (but the error message in those cases starts with "Unfortunately" and the devices seem to be easier to use) suggest to clear the cache, contacts or SIM tools, but they are all inaccessible for me because it restarts all the time. Another solution to clear the cache is to use adb Command line tool. But adb do not "see" the devices that do not have USB debugging enabled, which again I can not enable because I can not access the configuration menu (reboots). fastboot It seems to be able to eliminate the cache with fastboot erasure cache but I can not do this because of an error. FAILED (remote: & # 39; Delete is not allowed in lock state & # 39;). I'm not sure if this blocking status is unlocked with fastboot oem unlock but from what I understand that would erase my device anyway.

Discovering all this took a lot of time, so at this moment I do not know what else to do, since I have very little knowledge about this area. Is there any way to at least try to clean the cache or will I have to go back to factory settings? I'm not completely sure if I have all the Google Authenticator recovery codes, so I do not dare to do it.

I have had an old iPhone 4 for about 4 years and I have never had to spend so much time on that so I can imagine why this frustrates me at this time.