Recommendation of the carrier that performs well in the ISPs of Canada.

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Yes, through transit to the carriers mentioned above were also poor. We have used Softlayer servers in the past and with Softlayer they send traffic through their Equinix IX link in Chicago and there seems to be no problems with that route. I'm not sure why Softlayer does that even though they stop at TORIX. Could this have anything to do with performance?

We pair with the route servers in TORIX and have a direct route to Cogeco. Rogers and Shaw have not yet accepted the request for peering. The problem through peering is occurring during the peak hours (6-9PM ET), especially the traffic going to the west coast. Non-peak hours we have zero problems.

I'm not sure what to tell you there. If you can not get to Rogers or Shaw through the route servers, obviously you will have to look directly. If you do not see enough benefit to look with you, even to respond, well, that stinks (but in reality, it's your prerogative, right?).

Since TorIX is just a non-blocking L2 fabric, if it can not move bits to a certain part during peak hours, that obviously means that capacity is limited somewhere along the route (and by design, it's probably * not TorIX). If an ISP has a containment in your network during peak hours (it's not unusual for an eye network), there's not much you can do about it, after all, it's part of your business model. Collect transit, bits, pairs, etc. in other places it can randomly / arbitrarily alleviate a given problem route, but do not count on it to last long term, since eventually the traffic will change, etc.

Only food for thought. There are so many things you can do to design another person's harmful network. Yes, they have the captive audience (the eyeballs), which severely limits their options.