Recommend me a good data center to buy a dedicated server.

Here are my requirements.

1. I want to configure and install VMware on the server.
2. 16 CPU Core
3. 128 GB of RAM
4. Monthly data bandwidth of 15 TB at the 1 Gbps port.
5. 2 TB SSD in RAID 1. (Reflection)
6. I have an APNIC IP / 22 block, so I want to announce it through the Data Center.
7. The hardware must be updatable. With little downtime.

Can anyone recommend me the best company to obtain a dedicated server directly from the Data Center? I do not want the sub-retailer. I want to buy from DC directly.

I am currently on AWS and I am spending a lot in several instances. So I am looking for a dedicated server and I will manage virtual partitions through VMWare.