Recipients of weekly reports in Microsoft Family

I have a fairly typical Microsoft family based on four separate Microsoft accounts:

  • two accounts for parents,
  • Two accounts for children.

Both children have weekly activity reports via email enabled.

We are living in Poland and Polish is our native language, but for the sake of Microsoft Family everything is set to English (the page is loaded in English) since we (the parents) have all our browsers installed in English, with the configuration in English as primary language.

Every week I receive a report in English with my name at the beginning. My wife does not receive any type of report.

The best part here is that our children also receive these reports:

  • both get each weekly report in two copies,
  • The first copy is in English and is titled with my name,
  • The second copy is in Polish and is titled with the name of my wife.

What am i missing here? Why do children receive reports about their activity? They should not in my opinion. If they should (according to Microsoft), then why these reports are titles with the names of the parents.

I have not defined anything about who, when and in what language I should receive the reports. I have simply created a Microsoft family consisting of two Microsoft accounts for adults and two Microsoft accounts for children. And I have checked the knob so that each child generates weekly reports.

Is this a type of error that we are all receiving these reports in a kind of strange combination? Is there an option to control this function (that is, decide who and when you receive these reports and, most importantly, block children from receiving them)?